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Original Articles of Incorporation
of Solid Rock Church
Elk River MN


Solid Rock Church was incorporated as the Elk River Assembly Of God Church
under the Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 317 as
Minnesota Corporate Charter No. P896 dated October 5, 1977. The original Articles of
Incorporation were filed with the Minnesota Secretary of State on September 4, 1977.
These documents are identified by the Secretary of State's Office as documents
numbered H-47-16; H-47-17; H-47-18; and, H-47-19 (a total of four pages) which are on
file in the Secretary's Book of Incorporations H-47. The original documents have been
faithfully transcribed herein for electronic presentation over the Internet.

How To Obtain Exact Copies Of All State Filings

For those interested, an exact copy of all of the filings of Solid Rock Church, including
the original Articles of Incorporation, can be obtained directly from the Minnesota
Secretary of State's Office at the address below. Send your request along with a $6.00
copying fee to:

Minnesota Secretary Of State
Attn: Certification Request
180 State Office Building
100 Constitution Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155

Your request can be worded:"Enclosed is a check in the amount of $6.00. Please send
a copy of all documents on file related to Solid Rock Church, Inc. located at 11800
196th Avenue NW, Elk River, Minnesota 55330 and its predecessor known as the Elk
River Assembly of God Church."The Secretary of State will then send you a complete
and exact copy of all filings made. Note: Some of the original documents are extremely
faded and will not photocopy or reproduce well as received. They are readable.

Fifteen Years With No Change

The next state filing was made over fifteen years later on November 13, 1992 by William
N. Matthews who then filed a notice of change in registered office and agent. Thus,
from the period of September 4, 1977 until November 13, 1992 -- no filings were made to
change corporate articles. This is a period of over 15 years without any changes. Keep
this in mind as you view the subsequent, massive and illegal changes that were made by
Mr. William N. Matthews. Did the changes serve God or Mr. William N. Matthews?

Now, read the Original Articles of Incorporation!