Matthews' betrayed Jesus selling out his congregation with 4 parcels of land!

[Assembly Of God Foreclosure Notice]

What Does It Mean?

It means that William N. Matthews made a back room deal with the Minnesota District Council of Assembly of God Ministries after Solid Rock Church voted to disaffiliate in September 1996 (2nd vote).  The deal?  He gave the Assembly Of God $90,000 for their trouble and for leaving him alone. Pledging God's property in the process.  Matthews did not have the authority to make this back room deal which was made in secret behind the back of his congregation.  His congregation knew nothing about it.  Then, in early 1998, he placed the four parcels up for sale trying to make a profit off the land. No takers.  Judas got 30 pieces of silver for his betrayal. With inflation and compounded interest, did Matthews betray Jesus for more or less than Judas did?  Write us a note if you run the numbers and have the answer.

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