The Court Ruling of May 18, 2000

What exactly does it mean?


On May 18, 2000, the Honorable Judge Alan F. Pendleton ruled in favor of the defendants' summary judgment motion for dismissal on the claims. The claims were dismissed because they did not conform to Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 9.02, which requires that fraud to be pled with particularity. The claims did not meet the standard of the law concerning this rule.

In his Ruling, Judge Pendleton provided a "Memorandum" outlining the specific requirements of the law under Rule 9.02. The Order did not dismiss the case with prejudice. Therefore, the case can be reconstituted and refiled in the Tenth District Court albeit it would be as a new case. The Plaintiff now believes that sufficient facts and documents exist to refile a new suit that meets the specific requirements of Rule 9.02.

What's Next?

The next course of action is uncertain and requires further studies of the law. While these studies continue, all details of the lawsuit that was dismissed will be posted on this site by the end of 1999. Of particular note is the interesting fact that the Judge completely ignored the fraudulent filings with the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office that were fully and completely documented as a part of this civil lawsuit. Complete case information will be posted soon as time allows, including Bill Matthews' entire affidavit and exhibits.

For now, you can view the Ministry's Rap Sheet. You can also learn how William Neal Matthews stole Solid Rock Church, Inc. And, you can study the real facts in this case; many of which were curiously ignored by this Court and Judge. Is this Court and Judge unable or unwilling to deal with the crime of William Neal Matthews that was documented by fraudulent state filings? Why? Is this a spiritual hot potato that no one wants? Is society now casually willing to simply ignore crime if it involves a self-professed minister of God? Well, society should relearn the simple fact that Godly men do not steal churches! What's next??? Hagar's Prophesy.

Court Order and Memorandum