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Notice: The James417 email address has intentionally been coded out due to spammers and spam robots that search the Internet for malicious purposes. While this feedback form works, it will not necessarily result in a reply. The witness list on this site is a public document found in the Tenth District Court and while this site can be updated to remove a name from the list, the Court document itself cannot be modified. This document is also now found on numerous archive sites. Therefore, removing a name from this site may not result in removing the name from the Internet itself. Please do not waste time sending hate email or any email from a free anonymous email account. There will be no response to hate or uncivil email, or email messages that do not contain a clearly identifiable individual with a responsive email account that is not cloaked in web technology.

IF you want your name removed from the witness list located on this site, you will need to fully identify yourself so we can verify the authenticity of the request. Include your full name, city, state and provide an email address or phone number in case we have questions.