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John 3:21 Amplified Bible
Comment: Christians who think it is more appropriate to turn their backs and quietly "let God be God" are simply ignorant of what HIS Word has to say about it. If they turn their backs and refuse to speak the truth, it is only evil that benefits. People who know God are not afraid to speak the truth. People who know God are not afraid to confront evil.
John 8:31-32 Amplified Bible
Comment: Many people think they can "just know" the truth without any effort by simply listening to words from a pulpit. However, the Word of God prefaces "knowing truth" with "abiding in HIS Word." Stop listening to words from the pulpit and start learning the truth which only comes through "knowing" HIS Holy Word. Start reading the Bible!
Matthew 7:16-17 Amplified Bible

Comment: God's Word says that you will know them if you look at their fruits. Does an "anointed" man of God steal a church through fraudulent article of incorporation filings? Would your congregation give up their voting rights as Mr. Matthews says his did. If a pastor starts with $200,000 in debt and a few years later he is being threatened with foreclosure for $500,000 in debt -- does it speak well of him?

If he starts with 600 people and a few years later has less than 100 -- does it speak well of him?

Can you know such a man by this type of fruit?

Godly Men Don't Steal Churches! And, godly men do not steal their daughter-in-law from their own son. See Dr. Bill Matthews Daughter speaks up for a 2010 update on Dr. Bill Matthews marriage to his son Andy's wife and how he wants his granddaughter to call him daddy.

NOR do godly men take financial advantage of their vulnerable 94 year old mother in law taking the money she needs to live on. See William Neal Matthews charged with felony.

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