The Theft Of Solid Rock Church
Elk River, Minnesota
Consider the Facts

"YOU SHALL NOT STEAL" Deut 20:15 --- This site documents the theft of Solid Rock Church in Elk River, Minnesota by its Senior Pastor Dr. Bill Matthews whose full name is William Neal Matthews Jr.

Dr. Bill Matthews
Pleads Guilty to Felony Crime!
Sentenced on 2/16/2012

Dr. Bill Matthews
Sentenced To Jail Time
+ Probation to February 16, 2017

- Felony Crime Conviction-
Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adult!



Dr. Bill Matthews
Charged With Felony Crime
January 6, 2011

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spacer gifbullet gif William Neal Matthews Court File 71-CR-11-18 (PDF)
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Dr. Bill Matthews Topix Blog

Topix Blog on Dr. Bill Matthews Financial Crime - Image


Fox 9 News Video

Image of Dr Bill Matthews

Text Of First News Report

Text of Second News Report

God's Pre-Marriage Warning

January 6, 2010 warning to Dr. Ed Dufresne, Dr. Bill Matthews and Ana Lorena Matthews concerning the marriage of Ana Lorena (Sierra) Matthews to Dr. Bill Matthews.spacerFacts

Dr. Ed Dufresne PhotospacerDr. Bill Matthews Photo

Leviticus 18:15


A Daughter Speaks Out

Daughter's Disclaimer StatementspacerGranddaughter Natalia Matthews



Dr. Bill Matthews' Tithe Lie

Satan's Solid Rock Church



Inform Your Family and Friends of the Evil of Dr. Bill Matthews and his Cult at Solid Rock Church in Elk River MN 55330

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