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Anointed Bill Matthews

I personally can count two - three dozen people who have given up their ability to reason and are
now blindly following (without question) Bill Matthews at Solid Rock Church in Elk River, MN.
They have given up "their firm foundation" which was the "Word of God."In its place, they
have (without question or testing) accepted the errant words of Bill Matthews (the anointed one)
as the true Gospel. Devout Christians who are in the process of throwing away their brains.

Help! It's Homework!

Why do people want to turn their lives over to someone else? Well, for one, it seems we humans
are always trying to skip our homework. We are lazy people. I have seen it in many areas of
life. We may even do our homework (Bible study) for a while and then quit when we become
convinced there is no need to continue. We turn our reasoning and testing over to "blind trust."
We know and trust our lawyer, for example, so why should we read the fine print in his legal
contracts. We spend 15-20 hours per week in Solid Rock Church listening to Pastor Matthews.
Isn't that enough Bible Study for the week? We don't need to read the Bible outside of church.
Do we? We are getting enough instruction inside of the church. Besides, I can't seem to find the
time. What, with all the church activities. You know, soul saving, tent revivals, etc. Really?

Since when did God tell us to quit reading His Word and blindly trust a minister (Matthews)?
And, if you attend church every waking moment of your life (as Matthews wants you to do) --
exactly when could you read God's Word -- even if the cult leader espouses you to do so? When
people fail to "continually" hold their leaders accountable to God's Word -- cults like Heaven's
Gate, over time, evolve into some kind of disaster. What would seem absurd to others becomes
logical in a cult member's mind. Because, at that time, it (the action) requires no big leap of faith
-- only a small incremental and logical mental step from the leader's prior teachings.

You Who Loved God's Word

There is a good example of a man who use to love God's Word more than anything else in life. I
think he honestly believes that when he reaches the face of God -- he will hear the words "Well
done thou good and faithful servant."He believes this because it is part of the sales pitch that
the cult leader Matthews uses. However, I really wonder. Is this what God will say to him?

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Godly Wisdom, Spiritual Abuse or Cult?

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