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business" nor did it give you the authority to "do your own thing."It is sheer audacity that at the
same time you told all of us in the congregation that we were affiliated with the AFCM -- that in
secret, behind the congregation's back -- you disaffiliated us from the AFCM. To use your favorite
metaphor: "How dumb can you be and still breathe?"

It is now time that the church and its property be turned over to Mac Hammond Ministries and the
AFCM for a complete reorganization. Notice should be sent to the members of record of the very
first AFCM affiliation vote in late 1995 or early 1996. Also, it should be sent to the members of the
second vote which occurred on 9/12/96 less than 60 days prior to your unauthorized disaffiliation
corporate resolution. Those members or ex-members should form the group that determines the next
course of action for the church. It excludes yourself, your family, staff and other leadership [those
that have allowed you to get away with your false teachings and lies].

IMAGE imgs/gw64.gif

If you choose to remain and fight, please be advised that everything will be aired in the public
domain. Every ministry ever connected to yours will also be informed and information about your
cult will be published onto the Internet. Because this is a deep public concern, I am fully prepared
and I have the resolve to see this through to its end. Until every single person in and around Elk
River and connected to your ministry is made fully aware of the truth about your ministry, its
deception and spiritually abusive cult techniques and lies.

The public concern I have is quite simple. Your ministry is a cult that is spiritually abusing people.
Your cult is preying on weak Christians. With the constant influx of new people into the Elk River
area, there is a constant stream of new people for your ministry to deceive and abuse. It is not in the
public's interest for our community to have such cult deception going on. Especially in the name of
Jesus. By way of a copy of this letter and report, I am asking the appropriate oversight ministries to
do their part so that your cult does not continue its existence at Solid Rock Church in Elk River MN.

Sincerely yours,

Edward G. Palmer
Otsego, Minnesota 55330


Mac Hammond Ministries
Jim Kaseman Ministries & AFCM
Assembly of God Minnesota District
Don Heinzman, Elk River Star News
Martha Allen, Minneapolis StarTribune
Bill King, Associate Pastor

Godly Wisdom, Spiritual Abuse or Cult?

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