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Lack of Balance

Will God, as this person believes, say: "Well done."Or, will God tell him that he was worse
than an infidel because he failed to take care of his family as directed. That his life lacked any
balance towards his family and friends. That he was misguided and indoctrinated into a cult all
the time that he thought he was serving Him. 1 Timothy 5:8 states: "If anyone fails to provide
for his relatives, and especially for those of his own family, he has disowned the faith [by failing
to accompany it with fruits] and is worse than an unbeliever (infidel) [who performs his
obligation in these matters]."This (providing) means more than just mere physical sustenance.

It is a father's responsibility to lead his family in spiritual matters. This responsibility extends
down to his grandchildren. What kind of grandparents abandon their family? The same
kind that abandon the Word of God.
They don't fully realize that they do this. However, it is
the end result of their actions and behavior. They still believe, in their hearts, that they are
Godly people who love their family (dearly). They believe they are doing God's will. Still, God
never required Abraham to actually sacrifice Isaac. So why do they believe the cult leader
[Matthews} when he tells them the sacrifice of their family is required (because their family and
friends won't understand). After all, they are part of God's "last-days remnant."The last small
group of people who are keeping themselves holy for God. Those "outside" would only corrupt
them and lead them astray. Wow -- Bill, talk about an elitist attitude.

What about the unsaved members of this persons' family? Who will be the harvest worker for
them? Hasn't God already sent this father and grandfather into his family? How sad it will be if
a grandchild of this person rots in hell because he was too busy with cult activities.

Comparing Matthews' Ministry

This report deals in depth with the Bill Matthews' Ministry at Solid Rock Church in Elk River.
I spent nearly four years observing this ministry. For at least two-three years, everything
seemed okay. Except, perhaps, for the massive amount of people that were exiting the church. I
couldn't quite grasp why so many people were leaving. In the time I was there, I would estimate
that between 400-600 people left the church. Then, on 11/20/96, Bill Matthews perverted
(changed) the Word of God in such a way that I could not ignore it. God gave me a simple
choice to make. His Holy Word or the word of Bill Matthews. I chose God's Word.
Bible, sacred to many people, was simply thrown out the window in favor of his (Matthews')
opinion on 11/20/96. Many people, thoroughly indoctrinated, have yet to figure out that Bill
Matthews' is a cult leader and that the essence of his ministry is service to his family's needs.

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Godly Wisdom, Spiritual Abuse or Cult?

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