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Bill Matthews' Tactics

  1. Delaying tactic.I told Pastor Matthews immediately on the night of 11/20/96 in front of
    Wes King that what he had just taught did not square with Malachi 3 in God's Word. Then,
    immediately the next morning, I requested a meeting with Pastor Matthews. This request was
    basically ignored. When we first met, Mr. Matthews stated that he had never received the
    request which was left on Crystal's voice mail. I am not so sure that Crystal would necessarily
    back up Mr. Matthews' statement. It didn't matter.
  1. Waiting tactic. Despite being available, Mr. Matthews proceeded on other business for
    about 15 minutes. It was he who set the 1:00 time request for the meeting (as being better for
    him). I was left alone in his office for a minimum of 5 minutes and had to wait at least 10
    minutes prior to that time.
  1. Attempt to dump Kyle. Mr. Matthews stated that Pastor King should be in the meeting
    (since I stated that I wanted a witness) and not Kyle Smith. Kyle went to get Pastor King but he
    could not find Pastor King. So Kyle sat down for the discussion.
  1. Attempt to intimidate.Mr. Matthews made several attempts to intimidate and interrupt
    me. In order to circumvent to nature of the conversation.
  1. Attempt to control meeting. Mr. Matthews proceeded immediately to try and control the
    meeting by immediately suggesting (before I could even get started) that I did not support Solid
    Rock Church.
  1. Attempt to say I didn't support SRC. Since I had not attended church in recent weeks, Mr.
    Matthews suggested that this in itself was prima facie proof of my lack of support for Solid
    Rock. For example, it was clear from his attitude that he was not interested in listening to me
    because I didn't support his ministry. I restated my support and concern for SRC and that it
    was my concern for the ministry that was the main reason for the meeting request.
  1. Denial of what he said.Mr. Matthews denied what he said about tithing on the night of
    11/20/96. I didn't buy it since I was there when it happened and immediately provided him
    feedback on his errant teaching in front of Wes King.
  1. Qualification of what he said.When I would not accept his assertion that he didn't say
    "tithing would not lead to abundance," Mr. Matthews proceeded to "qualify" what he 'really'
    said. He said he was 'really' talking about "extreme abundance."I still didn't buy this statement
    either. I acknowledged that his words should be on tape.
  1. Denied definition of abundance.Mr. Matthews refused to readily accept Guideposts'
    Concordance's definition of abundance as "plentiful supply."He stated: "That certainly could
    be one meaning of abundance, but that there were certainly many others."

Godly Wisdom, Spiritual Abuse or Cult?

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