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Bill Matthews, Senior Pastor
Solid Rock Church
11800 196th Avenue NW
Elk River, Minnesota 55330

April 15, 1997

Dear Mr. Matthews:

IMAGE imgs/gw63.gif

Having spent nearly four years worshipping God at Solid Rock Church, I am at a loss to explain why
you and your ministry have chosen the course of actions it has. For at least a season, I would have
expected a great ministry to emerge from your efforts. I would have never expected that a self-
serving spiritually-abusing cult would emerge. Not in the name of Jesus.

Your own words and actions condemn you in God's eyes. Especially your corporate resolution
dated November 7, 1996 withdrawing Solid Rock Church from its AFCM affiliation. After nearly a
year of effort to disaffiliate with the Assembly of God Ministries and two solid votes from the
members to affiliate with AFCM Ministries, you took it upon yourself (family & staff included) to
disaffiliate the congregation from the AFCM. You, your staff and family had no authority to do this.
Period. And, there are no excuses. Your AFCM "Corporate Resolution" of 11/7/96 is a big lie and
ignores the congregations' 9/12/96 (2nd) vote to affiliate. It's that simple. Did you use AFCM as a
way to dump the Assembly of God? When the AG dropped its lawsuit, was the fraud complete?

It also now appears to be a premeditated and preplanned power grab for all of Solid Rock's
property. God says to inform you that it doesn't belong to you and your family. It belongs to Him!
Further, God says to tell you that you were not suppose to "possess" His property. "They have
homes and cities and pasturage to use but not to possess as their personal inheritance. . ."Numbers
18:24 Amplified Version.

Ministers are not suppose to lie to their congregations. Your corporate resolution on page 27 of the
attached report is exactly that. It's an enormous lie. It also encompasses fraud when viewed with
many of your other actions and the fact that Solid Rock Church's property is probably worth
between $1.5 - 3.0 Million in a real estate market that is stressed for commercial property with easy
access. Do you suppose that if you drive enough members out of the congregation that you can
simply liquidate God's property with a family vote?

It is time that your family, staff and all of those in leadership at Solid Rock Church remove
themselves from the ministry. As a consistent and systematic perverter of God's Holy Word, you
are unfit for His service. Those who have failed in their responsibility to hold you accountable to
His Word are likewise unfit. This includes all deacons, trustees and head ushers. When the
congregation voted to affiliate with the AFCM, it did not give you the authority to create a "family

Godly Wisdom, Spiritual Abuse or Cult?

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