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Teaching of Pastor Bill Matthews
Senior Pastor
Solid Rock Church, Elk River, MN 55330

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"So what God is getting ready to do is take the children of Israel. He's got em on a journey. Not
enough, just enough, more than enough. And, what does He tell them in Joshua? Get behind the
anointing. Follow the anointing cause you've never gone this way before. You're going into a
land with more than enough. And then he tells them-- the manna and the quail are going to stop.
You're not going to eat that anymore. You're entering into the land of more than enough now.
But, now you have to eat of the fruit of that land. In other words. Now you're going to live by a
different set of principles, rules and guidelines.

So, here's what I see happening in the body of Christ. I believe this is what the Lord was
showing me in Jerusalem. In the body of Christ, this church in particular; but, I believe the body
of Christ as a whole. I taught you on tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing, tithing.

Now, if you tithe and that's all you do is tithe--you will never have the abundant lifestyle
that God wants you to have in being in the land of more than enough.

Because the tithe is not yours. It's not yours! It's God's already. It's already His! So you're
not giving Him anything except you're being a good steward of what He's given you.

So you can't, you can't give the tithe and say now: 'God bless me.'

Because I've given You this tithe and it's been such a sacrifice to me to give it. You can't do that
because it's not yours anyway.

See, Jim could come up to me and say let me see your sport coat for a minute or this tie. You
know, let me see that tie. Take the tie off. Let me see the tie. Then I could hand him the tie and
he could look at it like this. Then he could go over to, um -- our brother and say, here, have this
tie. Well, it wasn't his tie to give. Wasn't his tie. It was my tie. If I want to give my tie I can.
But, it's not right for him to give my tie.

That's what happens when you touch the tithe. It's not yours. It's not yours! You're taking
something that's not yours and doing something with it that doesn't belong to you.

And, you can never enter into the land of abundance by just paying your tithe.

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