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WhereasBill Matthews and his committee members or board members have no authority to
disenfranchise the members of this non-profit Minnesota corporation; and,

WhereasBill Matthew et al made it a common practice to isolate people individually and
impose a "can't talk rule" so that his cult practices would not become common knowledge; and,

WhereasBill Matthews in order to gain control over the membership made false accusations
against the members and made it his practice to ostracize any member who disagreed with his
actions thereby eliminating any dissenting opinions or honest membership discourse; and,

Whereasthe cumulative result of Bill Matthews et al actions appears to encompass a plan that
fraudulently conveyed real property or an interest therein and that dispersed from Solid Rock
Church an estimated 400-600 people many whom were members of the congregation; and,

Whereasmany of these dispersed members of the congregation were mightily deceived and
disenfranchised of their property interests and other rights by Bill Matthews et al; and,

WhereasBill Matthews consistently withheld financial information so that the average regular
attending members were not aware of weekly or monthly offerings and expenses; and,

WhereasBill Matthews has an estimated twenty years of ministry experience in dealing with
non-profit corporations and is fully knowledgeable with the issues of members' rights and was
willfully negligent therefore in his fiduciary and other responsibilities to protect those rights; and,

WhereasBill Matthews was counseled by the Tulsa, Oklahoma based law firm of Winters, King
& Associates, Inc. concerning these matters and has used this law firm to justify and rationalize
his corporate actions in Minnesota as being legal [p68-69]; and,

Whereasit is highly unlikely that Bill Matthews, without some assistance from others, could
have been successful in subverting the property and rights away from said members; and,

WhereasBill Matthews has consistently fired staff and then replaced them with either family
members or other non credentialed individuals in order to consolidate his control over the
corporation said actions designed to convert the members' property and rights away from them
and into "a family run business" controlled exclusively by Bill Matthews; and,

WhereasBill Matthews sent the AFCM a corporate resolution withdrawing Solid Rock Church
from its affiliation on November 7, 1996 [p27-28] a mere 58 days after the members presumably
reaffirmed its resolution to affiliate on September 12, 1996 and immediately after the Minnesota
District Council of the Assemblies of God Ministries dropped their lawsuit said resolution
documenting Bill Matthews et al conversion of real property away from the members; and,

WhereasBill Matthews during 1996 appointed his wife Mary Matthews as a co-pastor and
then -- soon after the AFCM disaffiliation resolution he sent on November 7, 1996 [p27-28] --
he ordained his young son Bill Matthews, Jr. (age 19-20) and one of his daughters Rachel as
ministers of this non-profit corporation (church); and,

Godly Wisdom, Spiritual Abuse or Cult?

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