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  1. Attempt to qualify abundance.See notes above. A definite attempt was made to derail the
    conversation by altering the base assumptions. Such as the definition of abundance provided by
    a concordance.
  1. Constant Interruptions & attempts to change topic.I could not proceed with any further
    discussion from the notes I brought for Mr. Matthews because he refused to allow me to talk
    about God's Word as HE had shown me. It was at the definition of pervert that Mr. Matthews
    basically stopped me from any further conversation.
  1. Attempt to discredit my tithe dialogue.Mr. Matthews stated unequivocally that we have
    had several "sparks" over the tithe issue in the past. I immediately denied even having as much
    as a single conversation with him about the tithe. By now, I think Mr. Matthews felt he had
    sufficient control of the meeting.

At this point in the conversation, I told him that I could not cover what God wanted me to say
unless he allowed me to continue. He wouldn't. He had no interest in hearing any further details.
He then proceeded to. . .

  1. Told me that I had no spiritual authority to rebuke him.This was when the magic light
    from God went off. It was readily apparent that Mr. Matthews was NOT operating in Godly
    Wisdom. God's Word had made it very clear to me that Mr. Matthews was out some place that
    God did not want him to be. He was not with GOD!

All of the above conversation and tactics occurred before I could even get to the second page
(page 2 of 6) of my materials that were prepared with God's help. Materials that took several
days to pull together.

Mr. Matthews would not discuss the word of God as it pertained to his pulpit teaching. He
simply was not open to any reason or dialogue. Isn't it an irony. God says in Isaiah 1:18 to
"come and reason with Me."I can reason with God, but I can't with Mr. Matthews? Has Mr.
Matthews placed himself above God? And, in James 3:17 Amplified, Godly Wisdom includes
the ability to be reasoned with. Since there was no reasoning with Mr. Matthews, it was DUH!
There is no Godly Wisdom! Since Worldly Wisdom "perverts" the Word of God according to
the Concordance reference, it was another DUH! It is obvious Mr. Matthews is operating in
worldly wisdom.

I thanked Mr. Matthews for the meeting and told him that I had learned all that I needed to
know. Further, I stated that "I would not be coming back to Solid Rock Church."I then gave
him a full copy of the materials for his review. I noticed that he quickly concealed the materials
which prompted me to give Kyle the other copy I had. I don't think Pastor Matthews liked the
fact that Kyle was involved or that Kyle had a copy.

Godly Wisdom, Spiritual Abuse or Cult?

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